Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Girl's Best Friend

My best friend rocks. And , no, I'm not talking about diamonds or rubies. I'm talking about my best friend Tanya. She's so awesome she convinced my DH to let me go to Stampin' Up!'s 20th Anniversary Convention this summer in Salt Lake City!! How cool is that! (I'll be posting more on this at a later date.)

She and I are taking the kids to the Sedgwick County Zoo today for Earth Day. Their website said there were almost 8000 attendees last year. Can you picture trying to wade through thousands of kids, without losing your own, just to see see the lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! I think we're a little crazy, don't you?! Pray for us!

When I get back later today, I've got to get the materials prepared for Tanya's workshop on Friday. I'll be demonstrating watercoloring and then we're going to be making a card and a Peek-a-Boo box. They're cute, if I don't say so myself ;-)

Have a great and wonderful day!

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